Preparedness for Management and Prevention of Violence against Women by Nigerian Health Professionals

Adeyemi, A. B. ; Irinoye, O. O. ; Oladimeji, B. Y. ; Fatusi, A. O. ; Fatoye, F. O. ; Mosaku, S. K. ; Ola, Bola A. (2008)


The objective of this study was to determine the knowledge, attitude and actions of health professionals in Nigeria towards women experiencing spousal violence. A descriptive survey of 134 randomly selected respondents out of 572 health professionals in a tertiary health institution in South Western Nigeria was carried out. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, tests of significance, factor and item analyses. Thirty eight percent of cases of violence against women (VAW) may not be identified and 42% of the identified cases would not be properly managed. Majority (87.5%) of the respondents have at least one form of wrong attitude towards victims of IPV. The knowledge of nurses and doctors in South Western Nigeria on the management of VAW is generally inadequate. Capacity building through re-training of staff, strengthening education on IPV at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels is imperative.