Automation of Planning and Budgeting Procedures in a University.

Ajayi, Emmanuel Adebayo (1987)


This work demonstrates the use of computer technology in enhancing efficiency in University Administration, particularly in respect of Academic Planning and Research Management. The project exploited the tremendous capabilities of the computer for the development of an information system to enhance decision-making specifically in the areas of academic planning and recurrent budgeting of a University. The study was carried out on the Apple II Micro-computer. The automation of academic planning and recurrent budgeting procedures in a University has been examined and implemented. The parameters and criteria which influence academic planning and recurrent budgeting exercises in the University were identified and appropriate programmes and sub-routines developed to estimate, monitor and control these parameters, in line with the National Universities Commission recurrent budgeting techniques for allocation of funds to a University, thus giving the research work a wider acceptability and applicability especially in the Nigerian context. An efficient and dynamic software support was also developed for the Academic Planning and Budgeting process in a University.