Design of an Online Computerised Payroll System.

Olufokunbi, Karen Cowan (1986)


An on-line, interactive computerised payroll system was designed, and executed on the Data General Eclipse C-150 computer system. Its features include the production of payslips and associated payroll reports via a top-down design program and the protection of the system for security and confidentiality. The test run proved successful; with the estimated consumption of 27.66 hours to perform payroll calculations for 6,000 employees, and the associated preparation of payslips and payroll reports within the range of 7.5 hours and 21.0 hours depending on which of the eighteen different reports was being considered. Compared with the existing punched card batch-oriented payroll system used at the University of Ife, the designed program was fast in execution, used less human resources and materials in major aspects, and provided more detailed information. Lack of recent cost information on hardware components and differences in output from both the existing and the designed system prevented rigorous comparative pecuniary feasibility analysis. Based however, on the features exhibited by the existing program and the designed one, the latter is recommended; with associated guidelines that will enhance its effectiveness.