Design of an On-line Library Cataloguing System.

Faleye, Emmanuel Omoniyi (1985)


The work reported in this thesis is on the design of a portable on-line library cataloging system (including serials' cataloging and binding subsystem) for possible implementation at the University of Ife library. In on-line catalog systems, instead of writing records for each book onto cards (i.e. card catalogs used presently at University of Ife libraries) and transferring these cards onto the entry card catalog shelves (author catalog shelf, title catalog shelf and subject catalog shelf), only one record needs be written onto a random storage device. But this one record is indexed so that it can be found by the use of any one of the access keys for which separate card catalogs are created in a conventional system. All records in the file are easily accessible and the whole file is consequently available for machine searching in response to each interrogation from a terminal. The various programs were developed and implemented on the TRS-80 model II micro Computer with their sample outputs in Appendix C.