The Design of an Integrated Database Management System for a Nigerian University Environment.

Fisusi, Zaccheaus Rotimi (1985)


The rapid growth in the size and complexity of the Nigerian University demands a more effective and efficient information management technique than has been available or necessary in the past. In some Nigerian Universities at present, computer-based data files are established to serve personnel, payroll and student application needs. Data is selectively and frequently copied from source files and merged with transactions to construct new files appropriate for the application. In this project, an attempt has been made to design an Integrated Database management system that combines the transactions in the Personnel, payroll and student application' areas in a Nigerian University to replace the present separate file method approach for each application area. The approach is based on the concept of Relational Database model, starting with the construction of relationship graphs and entity-relationship model diagrams in the Information Structure design phase and ending with the definition of the conceptual scheme in the Information Structure Implementation phase.