Design Proposal for a Museum of Art, Craft and Archaeology Complex at Akure, Ondo State.

Akomolede, David Ojo Bolade (1985)


This thesis is primarily concerned with the study, planning and design of a museum of arts, crafts and archaeology at Akure in Ondo State. The museum represents the optimal solution for protecting and adequately displaying to the general public all valuable artistic expressions belonging to the history of the people of the state. The thesis thus starts with a background study by looking broadly at Nigeria, touching at some facets of her culture and defines the major elements of Ondo State culture. It examines museum typologies and traces their development in Nigeria, justifying a museum of arts, crafts and archaeology for the state and then looks critically at some existing museums as examples for a pleasant and, realistic design. The features of the state and Akure town are then considered in order to arrive at the most suitable selection of the location for this museum. The thesis thus concludes with the study of the site selected and all design considerations concerning this specific proposal.