Planning for Recreational Activities in Calabar City Centre

Ukene, Daniel (1984)


Planning for recreational activities does not seem to be receiving serious attention from Policy makers in Nigeria. Although the Nigerian economy is currently undergoing serious crises, this should not affect planning for recreational activities. Intact, it has been observed that recreation has always constituted an important part of people's lives: in history no matter their level of poverty. This thesis is aimed at raising the awareness. of the community decision makers and the people generally of the importance of having and organising recreational activities in Calabar City Centre. It is observed in the analysis that the Cross River State Government and the Calabar Municipal Council have only paid lip-service to the recreational needs of the city Centre dwellers. The proposals put forward are derived from the study of the existing deficiencies and anticipated future recreational needs of the people in the case study area. The proposals have been so drawn as to be within the reach of the financial capability of the people. They have also been designed to respect their socio--cultural background and be of physical and Psychological benefit to the individuals. The successful implementation of the proposals put forward calls for a high degree of co-ordination to ensure that the right amount of resources is available at the right time and in the right place.