Six-Legged Science in Nigeria and its Development

Akingbohungbe, A.E (1985-03-12)


"Six-legged science" is a literal substitute for the more technical term, "entomology" which, put simply, is the study of insects. Insects are characterised by a number of features among which is the possession of six legs (a pair each per thoracic segment) and hence the substitute term, "six-legged science". Traditionally, entomology had as its dimensions the following areas of specialization: insect morphology, insect taxonomy, insect physiology, insect ecology, medical and veterinary entomology, and agricultural entomology. The last two are also frequently integrated variously to give what is called, "economic entomology." The hall-mark of today's science is the high degree of specialization evolved, and entomology has not been an exception.