Agbeyewo Alawomo-Litireso fun Oriki awon Sooko ni Ile Ife

Salami, Ejitoyosi Olayemi (2015-05-19)


The study examined Sooko praise poetry (oriki Sooko) and analysed the stylistic devices used in it. It also examined the place of Sooko chieftaincy and the traditions associated with it in Ile-Ife. These were done with a view to revealing the form, content and social significance of the poetry. Interviews were conducted with three traditional chiefs, three palace singers, four Sooko, all purposively selected in each of the four ruling houses in Ile-lfe and two Sooko each from Oke-Igbo, Ifetedo, ipetumodu, Edunabon and Ifewara. The data were analysed using sociological and hermeneutical . methods. The result showed that Sooko praise poetry was rich in the affirmation of attributes of princes and princesses in Ife land. It also revealed the important position of Sooko as the representative of princes and princesses in the political administration of Ife land. The study also revealed the spiritual prowess and social relevance of Sooko. It further showed that Sooko praise poetry employed such stylistic devices as repetition, alliteration and assonance, tonal counterpoint, allusion, simile, metaphor, personification and parallelism. The study concluded that Sooko praise poetry was very important in the political administration and cultural practices in Ife land.