Dissonant Harmony: Art and Social Reality in Literature Based on the Nigerian Civil War.

Amuta, Chidi Nnanna (1987)


This dissertation is largely a survey of the relationship between art and socio-historical reality in representative sample of literature based on the Nigerian Civil War. (1967-70). The cardinal thesis of the study is that the Civil War has inspired a sizable body of literary works which in their wide range of thematic concerns and ideological standpoints portray the writers' perception of the dominant aspects of war-time Nigerian society. In addition, this socio-historical orientation of the literature in question conditions its artistic attributes and provides a framework for evaluating the specific literary works. The dissertation is divided into three broad sections with a total of five chapters. Part one is concerned with providing a theoretical framework and socio-historical background to the literary works under study. In Part Two, the relationship between content and form as the dialectical constants of the literary works under study is examined. Part Three concentrates on the question of ideology and social vision in Nigerian Civil War literature. The conclusion takes the form of an evaluation of the significance of the Civil War in the evolution of Nigerian national literature.