La femme Chez Mongo Beti et Aminata Sow Fall (Women in the Works of Mongo Beti and Aminata Sow Fall).

Lokulo-Sodipe, Yetunde (1987)


This study attempts to bring out the different ways women are portrayed in the works of two authors. One is a male author while the other is a female author. It has been noted that male writers, over the ages, tend to attribute subordinate roles to females characters in their works. With the advent of female writers in the literary world, it is thought that these female writers will bring in their feminine point of view, thereby introducing new horizons into literature. It is also some-times thought that female writers will concern themselves mostly with domestic matters. The study has been divided into four chapters with each chapter devoted to the situation of women. The first chapter analyses the situation and attitude of the traditional woman as seen in different characters in the chosen texts. In the second chapter, the study examines the personality and mentality of the contemporary woman. The third chapter studies the socialization process that makes the woman what she is and her situation within the society. In the fourth chapter, interest her society. As regards the women, two major categories were found, namely the traditional passive, docile and submissive woman and the Contemporary woman who believes in the equality of the sexes. It was also found out that the traditional woman was not always submissive for she could be quite assertive at times, depending on her personality, irrespective of the norms passed down to her.