Micromorphology and Soil Formation of Some Savanna Alfisols in South Western Nigeria

Ojo-Atere, J. O. (1984)


The relationship between micromorphology and soil formation in some well-drained soils in the savanna ecosystem of south-Western Nigeria was studied. Arrangements of soil constituents were evaluated in nineteen (75 x 251nm) thin sections made from undisturbed samples. Thin section studies show that the related distribution of plasma and skeleton grains is usually agglomeroplasmic with some intertextic patches in the surfacial horizons of the soils. The sub-surfacial horizons of the soils are characterized by a porphyroskelic related distribution. Pedological features are glaehules and cutans. Pedorelicts and Ldthorelicts were recognized: The sub-rounded shape of the pedoreticts indicates that they have been transported and the presence of the nodules in the surfacial horizons of most profiles probably shows former soil process.