Effect of Different Drying Times on the Proximate Composition of Hydrated Soybean

Famurewa, J. A. V. ; Folorunso, A. E. (2005)


This study investigated the relationship between the drying time and the nutrient content of hydrated soybean during drying in the process of converting it into flour. Boiling and oven drying method was used to prepare ten samples from lbadan-2000 1485 - ID at different drying times, ranging from 30 minutes to 5hrs. The results of the study showed that the protein, fat, ash and fibre contents decreased with increasing drying times while carbohydrate increased. The range was 55.02 to 4 1 .71% for protein; 24.03 to1 8.91% for fat; 8.04 to 6.03% for Ash: 8.07 to 6.03% for fibre and 4.56 to 27.31% for carbohydrate at drying times of 30 and 300 minutes respectively for all. A strong negative linear and quadratic relationship was observed between protein, fat, ash and fibre contents and drying time. The results show that drying for a long period to achieve safe moisture content; will defeat the purpose of using soy flour as supplement due to a significant reduction in the protein content. Controlled drying conditions for a short period as being investigated is therefore recommended.