Soil Properties of Seven Study Fallow Plots in Nigerian Rainforest Region

Oke, S. O. ; Isichei, A. O. ; Amusan, A. A. (1999)


The soil properties of seven fallow plots in a Nigerian rainforest region were studied with the objectives of providing profile descriptions which would aid their recognition in the field, and of presenting their physical and chemical properties which are important for their use. The soils of younger plots are well drained while the soils of the older plots are poorly drained. Sand fraction was significantly higher than clay and silt within each plot, but showed no significant difference between different plots. Organic matter content was low in all the plots and there was no significant difference between the plots, but the content was significantly higher in the upper layer than in the lower layer in all the plots. In general the soils of the fallow plots are not seriously leached of bases. Percentage: base saturation significantly varied among different plots. The cation exchange capacity is low in correspondence with kaolinitic nature of soil clay and low organic matter content.