Electrophoresis of Crude Protein of Seeds of Some Genera of Annonaceae

Folorunso, A. E. ; Olorode, O. (2002)


Seeds of five genera of Annonaceae were collected from different latitudes and special ecological zones of Nigeria, the crude proteins were extracted and analysed by electrophoretic fractionation with a view to establishing whether they have evolutionary relationships and also to know the highest protein richness in them. 0.5ml of each protein sample was loaded into the gel tubes. A current of 1.5m A per gel was applied until stacking. The current was increased to 3m A per gel. The electrophoresis was allowed to run until the dye front was about 1cm from the bottom of the gel. The result shows that the band at 5.2cm is common among the genera except in Dennettia tripetala. Intergeneric bands were observed between pairs of genera in the family. The highest intergeneric band is between Greenwayodenron suaveolens and Xylopia aethiopica at 0.2cm, 5cm and 5.1. The presence of common bands among the genera of Annonacea shows evidence of common evolutionary origin in them.