Yield and Nitrogen Accumulation by Andropogon gayanus and Schizachyrium sanguineum Grown under Four Nitrogen and Water Application Regimes in Gravel and Sand Pot Culture

Oke, Samson O. ; Isichei, Augustine O. (1990)


Andropogon gayanus and Schizachrium sanguineum grass plants were grown in sand and gravel media under two levels each of applied nitrogen and water to study the effect of growth medium texture on yield and nitrogen accumulation in the two species. Nitrogen level was varied by applying the nutrient solution once every other day to one group of experimental plants and once in four days to another group. Water was applied at the same frequency but alternated in time with the nutrient solution. There were on the whole four treatments. Both grasses had their highest yields when grown in sand. Applying nutrient solution every other day and water once in four days resulted in the highest grass yield. Higher nitrogen concentration in both grass tissues was obtained in gravel and – S sanguineum accumulated more nitrogen when the two - grasses are compared. The results obtained in the experiment confirm results obtained from other studies- on yield and nutrient accumulation by grasses in compact and coarse soils and the ways the result could be useful in active savanna management are discussed.