Uses, Germination Ecology and Modes of Propagation of Pilliostigma thonningii (Schum) Milne-Redhead in the Guinea Savanna Zone

Mbaekwe, E. I. ; Isichei, A. O. (2007)


The values of Piliostigma thonningii include its use in such areas as herbal medicine, as a browse for livestock and possible uses in ecosystem stabilization. It is these uses that necessitated an investigation into its mode of germination and propagation. The germination trials revealed that the seeds have seed coat dormancy, and this can be broken by subjecting them to concentrated sulphuric acid for up to 20 min. the seeds had a very wide tolerance range for the concentrated acid (up to 120 min), indicating the extent of the thickness of the testa. The rooting trials showed quite convincingly that P. thonningii cannot be propagated by vegetative means. Its frequent occurrence along the roadsides was attributed to dispersal by livestock.