Man’s Unseen Allies and their Self-Synthesized Tools

Olutiola, P. O (1987-06-09)


At. stage in the life of a Professor; he is called upon to deliver an inaugural lecture. A number of things immediately comes to his mind –what type of topic is he going to discuss, and .more importantly, how does he make himself understandable to such an academically heterogeneous audience as we have here today. With all these factors- at the back of my mind; I shall attempt to discuss today's chosen topic men's unseen allies and their self-synthesized tools”. There is no, doubt that the first question that strikes one's mind is "what are man's unseen allies?" With respect to this lecture, I shall define man's unseen allies as those living' creatures which are present in virtually every environment, but which are too small to be perceived by the unaided human eye. This group of organisms is collectively referred to as microorganisms, and their study is called microbiology.