Generation of the Basis States for the Calculation of the Effects of Core Excitations on the Low-lying Negative Parity States of 90 Zr.

Jegede, Oluwagbemiga Olawale (1985)


From the various theoretical studies reported on the low-lying levels in 90 Zr, it has been established that the spectrum is rather anomalous in that it has attributes of a simple two-proton coupling and some collectivity, notably with the 21+, 22+ and 31- low-lying states. The basis states necessary for the inclusion of core excitations in the low-lying negative parity states (J<7-) in 90 Zr are generated in this work. It is hoped that the eventual inclusion of core excited states in manner specified by Lawson in the study of the low-lying positive parity states for 18 O would lead to reproducing the experimental energy levels for these low-lying states better than was obtained with the previous models.