Economic History as a Critique of the Theory and Practice in Economics

Ekundare, R. O. (1978-05-25)


AN INAUGURAL LECTURE at Ife can now be rightly regarded as an academic 'christening' ceremony, with the Vice-Chancellor as the officiating 'minister' and, the victim of the occasion reciting the 'creed'. Probably, it would have been much easier and enjoyable if this were to be a swearing-in ceremony. The chair which I have the greatest pleasure and honour to inaugurate this afternoon is a new one at Ife, and with a conscious sense of modesty, it is indeed, the first chair of Economic History in Nigeria. My task would have been easier if I have had some Nigerian predecessors who could by now, have argued and concluded the debate on the nature, methods and significance of Economic History within the Nigerian context. Their ratio decidendi could have been available to me in professing economic history. However, I can only hope that by the end of this lecture, I would have opened some new channels of communication and understanding between Economics and Economic History on the one hand and the other areas of social sciences on the other hand