The Relationship between Academics and Administrative Staff in Selected Nigerian Universities.

Ojutiku, Doyinsola Eniola Mrs (1986)


This thesis examined the causes of such conflicts that are noticeable between the academic and the administrative staff groups in the Universities of Ibadan, Ife and Lagos. It attempts to determine whether conflict is caused by an organizational structure which places decision-making powers in the hands of academics with little direct participation by other staff groups. Subjects were sampled for their perception of the roles of the different staff groups in University governance. This was to test the assumption that the relationship between these two staff groups is strained because of inadequate or non-inclusion of the administrative and other staff groups in University policy-making processes. The analytical framework for the research relates the preferences of the two groups of actors for one or the other of the existing dominant organizational models for the study of Universities. Some determinants of human behaviour such as age, rank and tenure in the organization were also used to assess group interaction and ensuing relationships. While simple cumulative averages of responses and percentages were used in the data analysis, the chi-square test was used to identify statistically significant relationships. The study found evidences of conflicting reciprocal images between the academic and administrative staff arising from each groups perception of their roles. This most often resulted in conflicts but such conflicts were not always destructive. The findings suggest that better staff training L. role performance might reduce areas of conflict, lead to greater understanding of each other's roles and enhance better functioning of the University system.