The Young Shall Grow If ...

Fashakin, J. B. (1998-07-14)


Right from childhood, I have been exposed to elements of agriculture. Having been born to a farmer, I learnt at an-early age, how to tender crops; harvest corn, yams, tomatoes, vegetables and more Importantly to weed the farm on regular basis. When the idea of going to school was finally brought to me, my heart .was filled with joy not Because education had any meaning to me but because, I saw this as a victory over farm labour My, University career started at the University of Ibadan in 1960 When I registered as a prelim student. Incidentally, that coincided with the year of Nigeria~ independence and all Qualified applicants from the University were awarded the Federal Government (of Nigeria) Scholarship as part of the bonanza to celebrate the independence, My Scholarship and the course that I applied for in Chemical Agriculture were not ten'able at Ibadan. Moreover; little did I know about what Chemical Agriculture really meant. 'As such, I was unable to explain fully the differences between ordinary. Agriculture and Chemical Agriculture. My sponsors were as confused as I was and to resolve the Problem I was renominated for a Commonwealth Fellowship in Canada. This led me to a basic degree in Agricultural Biochemistry at MacDonald College of McGiII University, Montreal, Canada.