Non-Projected Visual Aids in the Teaching of General Science in Teachers' Colleges in Oyo State.

Oniye, Durogboye Oluwagbemileke (1986)


This study focused on Non-projected Visual aids in the Teaching of General Science in Teachers' Colleges in Oyo State. The objectives of the study were the identification of available non-projected visual aids and their frequency of use in General Science teaching in the colleges. Others were to find out the problems faced by teachers in the use of non-projected visual aids for general science teaching and to identify the advantages teachers and students derive from the use of non-projected visual aids in teaching General Science. The research population consisted of all the general science students and teachers in all the then existing eighteen Grade Two Teachers' Colleges in Oyo State. The research sample consisted of four hundred and eight students and twenty General Science Teachers from twelve sampled Grade Two Teachers' Colleges. Data were collected with questionnaires. The study revealed that there were qualified science teachers in all the colleges. The available non-projected visual aids frequently used in teaching general science were chalkboards, objects and specimens. Some problems encountered in using them included lack of fund, inadequacy of materials, poor storage facilities and poor maintenance. Besides, 45% of the teachers and 98.5% of the students had inadequate know-ledge of improvisation. However, 90% of the teachers and 82.35% of the students reported that they derived advantages whenever the non-projected visual aids were used in teaching general science. It was recommended that in-service training and workshops on improvisation of non-projected visual aids should be organized regularly. The colleges should be adequately funded and general science should be made compulsory for the students. Non-projected visual aids should be frequently used to teach General Science.