Effects of Specificity of Objectives on Learners Acquisition of Biology Concept in a Film-Mediated Instruction.

Akinsanya, Timothy Olabode (1985)


This study was designed to find the effects of specificity of objectives on learners’ acquisition of Biology concept in film-mediated instruction. One hundred and fifty form three students were randomly assigned to one of the three groups. One of the groups was given specific objectives, another, general objectives and the third group was not provided with objectives before they were all exposed to instructional film on a biological topic. All the students were then asked to answer a set of ten questions derived from the content of the film and which was directly referenced from the behavioural objectives provided to the students. The results showed that there were significant differences at 0.05 level of significance in the level of achievement between the specific objective group, and the other two groups and between the General objective group and the No objective group. These results indicated that specificity of objectives has a favourable effect on the level of achievement of students. Based on the result of the study, the investigator recommends that the government and other agencies responsible for the administration of schools should make funds available to our educational institutions to bear the cost of materials needed for the provision of objectives to students. It is also important that teachers, at all institutional levels should be trained to know how to write and use behavioural objectives.