Effects of Instructional Package on Achievement of Beginners in French in Selected Secondary Schools in Oranmiyan Local Government Area of Oyo state.

Amosu, Sewanu Ayodele (1986)


The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of an instructional package on beginners of French. The package consisted of an audio-taped lesson synchronized with a set of fourteen slides on a French concept - Time. One hundred and five students were randomly assigned to three, groups Experimental Group T, Experimental Croup II and the Control Group. Each group was exposed to the normal two periods a week each of thirty weeks duration. The first Experimental Group was first taught by the teacher and inter exposed to the instructional package. The Control Greta', however, was taught by the teacher only without any exposure to the package while the third group - Experimental group TT - was exposed to the package only. All the subjects were then asked to answer a set of ten questions based on the content of the concept. The result showed that learners in ' experimental Croup I performed significantly better then the Control Group. It was also found that there was no significant difference in the performance of the learners in Experimental Croup II and the Control Group. The Experimental Group I performed significantly better than the Experimental Group II. Arising from these findings, the study has shown that there cannot be a substitute for the teacher. Rather than replace a teacher, an instructional package would complement the efforts of the teacher in promoting learning. Emanating from the findings of the study are the following recommendations: Efforts should be made to improve and revise methods of teaching the French language by integrating the use of instructional packages into the school curriculum. Courses on instructional design should form an integral part of the curriculum of teacher training programmes of the colleges of education so that their graduates become familiar with the production and use of instructional packages. Furthermore, research studies should be conducted on other concepts such as the teaching of grammar and comprehension in French.