Low dose TL characteristics of Nigerian fluorite

Latifa, M.B ; Fasasia, M.K ; Balogun, F.A. (11/8/2011)

internaltional journal of, elsevier


Nigerian fluorite has been characterized by β-irradiation for thermoluminescence in the low dose range (40 μGy–72 mGy). The glow curves exhibit 3 peaks recorded at 111 ± 11 °C, 196 ± 2 °C and 282 ± 4 °C at the heating rate of 5 °C s−1. The two high temperature peaks exhibit a linear response over the range of study. The minimum detectable dose for each of the observed peaks has been determined and the lowest detection limit of fluorite was also determined. A complex fading pattern was observed for the phosphor and the possible source of the TL buildup has been discussed