Controlled Vocabulary and Authority Records for the Management of Bibliographic Data in the New Nigerian Library Environment: Marc 21 Standards

Okunlola, Abiola Amos (2011)


Information architecture seems to be a major challenge to both the information professional and the infomation user in the new library environment. Information about users' needs is stacked somewhere in the catalogue cabinet or in computer files bur the user cannot find it because of distance, language and other socio-cultural barriers. However, much of this problem can be managed through controlled indexing and cataloguing vocabulary such as we have in MARC authority records. Librarians' ability to initiate and maintain a technology based library system depends on how much they control their bibliographic data through the established authority records. As technological innovations continue to advance, librarians must devise newer ways of maintaining library records through computer-based library systems. The library of congress MARC authority file has been based on established principles of consistency, adaptability and flexibility which make it not only comprehensive but also standardized and reliable for any library to follow. It is recommended that all stake holders must take up the challenge and address the issue of standardizalion of bibliographic data for information sharing in the new information dispensation.