The Effect of Varying Dietary Protein and Antibiotic Levels on the Performance of Weanling Local Pigs

Ilori, J. O. ; Adepoju, A. (1980)


Two feeding trials were carried out to examine the effect of graded dietary 'levels of protein and antibiotics on the performance of weanling local pigs. In the first trial, 5 groups of 12 pigs each, were fed a 16% protein diet containing respectively, 5 graded levels of strepcillin (0, 25, 50, 75,100gltonne of diet). In the second trial, 9 groups of 8 pigs each, were fed 9 different diets respectively, in a 3 x 3 factorial arrangement of treatments (3 protein levels of 12, 15, 18%, 3 strepcillin levels of 0, 50, 75gltonne). Daily gains, feed efficiency, scouring incidence, dry matter and crude protein digestibilities were recorded. Increasing dietary strepcillin improved (P < .05) growth rate and feed efficiency. The improvement plateaued at 75g strepcillin/tonne diet. A non significant (P > .05) protein x antibiotic interaction effect was observed on pig performance. Feeding antibiotics reduced scouring incidence, but had no significant effect on nutrient digestibilities.