The Teaching of Language Skills as a Sequential Bilingual Education Process: An Assessment of Basic Primary School Language Coursebooks in Nigeria

Adegbite, Wale (1994)

Book chapter

In this paper Wale Adegbite assesses the adequacy of the language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - content of some Yoruba and English coursebooks for pupils in early primary education in some Yoruba states of Nigeria. Using certain principles of Sequential Bilingual Teaching of Language Skills (SBTLS) as parameters, he examines whether the coursebooks present these skills in such a way that can enhance efficient acquisition and learning of Yoruba and English by pupils. He later observes that although most of the textbooks recognise some of the SBTLS principles of presentation of language skills, they are characterized by certain limitations which prevent them from promoting efficient bilingualism. He then suggests that coursebooks of Yoruba and English should present language skills in a way in which skills learnt earlier will facilitate the learning of later ones.