The Place of Computer in Fine Art Teaching in the Digital Age: A case of Curriculum Repositioning

Egbedokun, A. O. ; Badru, F. M. ; Adeyanju, J. L ; Idowu, Lanre (2005)


The effect of computer has swept across all the continents of the globe and has impacted positively on our economic, social, political, religious and educational spheres. Computer is no longer an amazing wizard as it used to be almost 20 years ago. It is now a commonplace and it continues to spread and affect our lives and work. In education, teaching and learning modes are undergoing rethink. Researches are in top gear to examine the 'effects' of computer and its possible integration into the curriculum vis-a-vis theories/principles guiding teaching and learning process. As part of the cases made in favour of computer as an effective teaching and learning mode is that it develops an open-ended exploratory experiences in the students based on its ability to stimulate constructivist's philosophy to learning. This paper principally focuses on the benefits and process of computer integration into the Fine Arts curriculum in both tertiary and secondary schools. It also presents a computer integration model, which can be adopted. The positions taken in this paper thus guide the recommendations provided.