Impact of Oyo State Health Policy on the Basic Health Care Services for the People in Ibadan - Ibarapa Zone of Oyo State.

Oyerinde, Oyesegun Olufemi M. (1984)


The study investigated the present state of basic health care services in Ibadan-Ibarapa zone of Oyo State. Also, it ascertained how the health policies of the government affect basic health care services for the people in the zone. Ten local governments in the zone were selected and 200 subjects were interviewed. The questionnaires collected were grouped into two, designated 'Type X' for illiterates and 'Type Y' for the literates. The data collected, were analysed with the use of such statistical techniques as the mean, percentages and reproducibility coefficient. The main findings of this study are as follows: 1. A general positive impact of the state policy on basic health care services for the people of Ibadan-Ibarapa zone was observed at 0.96 reproducibility coefficient for the 'type X' group and 91% positive response for the 'type Y' group. The effects were observed in the provision of health institutions for the people, accessibility to the facilities, provision of man-power, provision of conducive hospital environment and increased efforts on health education for the people, 2. A negative impact was detected for the provision of adequate fund at least 85% of the secretaries and health officers expressed negative feelings towards the provision of funds for the promotion of basic health care for the people in Ibadan-Ibarapa zone. 3. Majority of the respondents (57%) opined that drugs were in constant supply. All other equipments, especially hospital and maternity beds were in short supply. 4. The impact of the health policy on the people was aided through the media (0.99 rep.), school health instruction (0.94 rep.) and out-patient departments (0.89 rep.) It was therefore recommended that there should be (i) an improved and better allocation of funds (ii) adequate supply of basic health care equipment and facilities and (iii) further research on an extended evaluative study of the state health Policy on Basic Health care services for Oyo State.