The Anguish of Dependent Regionalism

Onwuka, R.I. (1991)


International Relations is a field of study that is steadily passing through a process of re-definition and reformation. It is an unfenced area of discipline in social science. Originally, International Relations produced an emphasis on statecentric inquiry, as seen in its emphasis on the sovereignty and equality of entities in international system. During the classical days of Europe and North America and to some extent, in post-independence Africa, the maintenance of peace and promotion of trade were the primary focus of diplomacy. With the expanding characteristics and perceptions of States, the study of International Relations has acquired a wider outfit. Processes, actors and outcome of national politics are easily influenced and conditioned. by' events in the international economic system, that way you cannot divorce International Economics from International Relations. The boundary problem was promoted by the orthodox intellectuals who saw the study of International Relations as separate and distinct from Economics, History or Philosophy. The problem still persists. Some have argued that the domestication of International Politics or internalisation of national politics might be the solution to the border Of demarcation problem. 1 Jean Spero has vigorously argued that students and masters of International Politics have' neglected the "economic issues in relations among states?". The same could be said of the study of International Economics in its compartmentalised fashion. The solution to the issue area problem could be found in the international political economy approach to the study of International Relations.