Assessment of the Adoption of Automated Technologies in Poultry Production in Southwestern Nigeria

Adekunle, Ayomide Falope (2017)



The study assessed the types of automated technologies used in poultry production in Southwestern Nigeria. It also examined the extent and level of adoption of Automated Production Technology (APT) and investigated the factors influencing the adoption. This was with a view to providing evidence-based information on the automated technologies in poultry production that would enhance poultry farms performance and stimulate appropriate policy formulation in Southwestern Nigeria. The study involved the use of primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained with the aid of structured questionnaire (designed and administered among respondents in the selected farms) and oral interview schedule where necessary. The population of the study consisted of all selected poultry farms in Southwestern Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to purposively select 60 poultry farms that made use of automated technologies in poultry production; 20 farms each were selected from Ogun, Ekiti and Oyo States respectively.The secondary data were obtained through academic journals and other relevant publications. The results of the study revealed that majority of the poultry farmers have post-secondary school qualification and they have been in the business for up to 15 years. It also showed that the famers used automatic watering system (76.7%), automatic debeaking (34.9%), automatic feeding system (16.3%) and automatic ventilation system (11.6%) among others. It showed that 11.6% of the farms did not make use of automatic feeding, watering, ventilation, debeaking, egg and plucking system. It showed that 73.3% of the technologies were locally fabricated and 26.7% imported.The results further revealed that adoption of technology and the level of use were moderately utilized respectively.Regression analysis revealed that educational background (z=1.96, ρ=0.05), cost of implementation (z=2.07, ρ=0.05) and cost of acquisition (z=-1.70, ρ=0.05) among other factors had impact on the adoption of automated technologies in poultry production and these were found to have positive significant effect on poultry production. The study concluded that the adoption of automated technologies in farms had positive impact on poultry production and thus, should be encouraged among poultry farmers in Southwestern Nigeria.