A mobile portal architecture for higher educational institutions

Awoyelu, Iyabo Olukemi ; Ojo, Adewuyi Olusegun (2012-07)



Educational portals are all around us. However, users don‟t always find it easy to access these portals especially due to power failure. With the increasing use of mobile phones, these phones can be used as an access point to Higher Educational portals. In this paper, we propose a mobile portal architecture that would enable portal application to be used on mobile phones. The system was developed using MySql as the backend and the front comprising of a mobile device that must be Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled. The WAP gateway acts as the middleware and the web server on which Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) would run. The system is divided into two modules: the mobile front-end module and the application server and database module. The proposed system would assist students of educational institutions, especially, higher institutions in developing countries to do on-line registration and payments of fees on their mobile phones.