Government Entrepreneurship Intervention Programmes and Employment Generation Among Youths in Osun Statenigeria

Adepoju, Aderonke Precious (2015)



The study examined the various government entrepreneurship intervention programmes to generate employment among youths in Osun State. It also ascertained the challenges that inhibit the accessibility of these intervention programmes and analysed the relationship between government entrepreneurship intervention programmes and employment generation among the youths. These were with the view to providing information on the existence and effectiveness of the various government entrepreneurship intervention programmes put in place in generating employment among youths in Osun State The study used both primary data and secondary data. Primary data were collected through the administration of questionnaire. The population for the study comprised all 187 microscale entrepreneurs who are artisans and have benefited from government entrepreneurship intervention programmes at the inception of business enterprise in all the thirty LGAs in the state. Questionnaire was used to collect information from the respondents of the study and the data collected were analysed using mean score, percentage and ordinary least square method. The results showed that majority (95.1%) of the respondents were aware and have benefited from the entrepreneurship intervention programmes. The results further indicated that among the intervention programmes, vocational and skill intervention contributed highly (mean score = 4.210) to venture creation, while knowledge and financial intervention programmes (mean score = 4.150) (mean score = 3.450) also contributed, to venture creation. The results also showed that inadequate relevant information was the major (95.2%) challenge encountered by these micro scale entrepreneurs in accessing the intervention programmes while disloyalty to the incumbent political party was seen as the least (33.2%) challenge that can deter people from accessing the intervention programmes. Also, the results further revealed that venture survival had no significant relationship with financial intervention programme (r = 0.024, p>0.05); vocation and skill intervention (r = 0.124, p>0.05); and services intervention programmes (r = 0.067, p>0.05). However, only knowledge intervention programme had significant relationship (r = 0.218, p < 0.05) with venture survival. Moreover, all the government entrepreneurship intervention programmes had significant relationship (F- 9.999, p < 0.05) with venture creation. . In conclusion, government entrepreneurship intervention programmes had significant relationship with employment generation among youths in Osun State particularly venture creation.