Effects of computer simulation package on secondary school students’ learning outcomes in economics in Ife East Local Government Area of Osun State

Fabeku, Babatunde Ayogoke (2016)



The study developed a computer simulation package for teaching Economics in senior secondary schools in Ife East Local Government Area. It also examined the effects of the package on students’ academic performance in Economics and investigated the attitude of the students towards Economics in the Local Government Area. These were with a view to enhancing students’ academic performance and attitude towards Economics. The study adopted the pretest-posttest quasi-experimental control group research design.The population for the study consisted of Senior Secondary One (SS1) students in Ife East Local Government Area of Osun State. The sample consisted of 60 students in their intact classes from purposively selected public schools in the LGA. The schools were selected based on availability of computer pool. The two intact classes in SS1 were selected using simple random sampling technique. The classes were then randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. The experimental group was taught using computer simulation package. The control group was taught using the conventional teacher expository method of instruction. The research instruments for the study were Economics Achievement Method (EAM) and Students’ Attitude Towards Economics Questionnaire Method (SATEQM). The Computer Simulation Package (CSP) developed is an interactive educational package. The simulation was designed through 3D activities application programme that allowed the user to create simulation and interactive programmes. The activities were developed through micro media flash and 3 player and cinema 4D presentation. Data collected were analyzed using mean and t-test statistics. The results from the study showed that the CSP had a significant effect on the performance of the senior secondary school students (t = 52.01, p<0.05). The results alsoshowed a significant effect of the package on the attitude of students in Economics (t =95.0, p< 0.05). The study concluded that the computer simulation package developed enhanced students’ academic performance and attitude towards Economics in Ife East Local Government Area of Osun State.