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  • A Critique of the Challenge of Skepticism to Empirical Knowledge 

    Omotosho, Ibrahim Fatai (2015-05-11)
    The study examined the various responses in epistemology to the skeptical challenge to the possibility of knowledge with a view to articulating a viable theory of knowledge. The study employed the methods of historical ...
  • A Critique of the Separability Thesis in the Context of an African Jurisprudence 

    Idowu, William Oluwunmi Oladunni (2015-04-23)
    The study examined the positivists' view that law and morality were conceptually separable in the light of the nature and substance of an African jurisprudence. This was with a view to understanding the controversy in ...
  • Rationality and Knowledge in Religious Discourse: A Critique of Philosophical Relativism 

    Akaruese, Lucky Oritsetojumi (Obafemi Awolowo University, 1985)
    The central focus of this thesis is to make a case for the unity of all discourses irrespective of the said peculiar nature of each discourse. Religious discourse which involves concepts of supernatural or transcendental ...
  • Political Decline and Varieties of Intellectual Reaction in Post-Aristotelian Philosophy 

    Alumona, Victor Sunday (Obafemi Awolowo University, 1986)
    The philosophers considered in this essay were in search of the way to achieve happiness and mental serenity in an unsteady socio-political situation brought about by the conquests of Alexander the Great. The philosophers ...
  • Philosophy, the World and Man: A Global Conception 

    Chatalian, G. (Obafemi Awolowo University Press, 1983-06-28)
    This lecture has a twofold positive-constructive purpose and a twofold negative-destructive purpose. On the positive side, it attempts, first, to determine the nature of philosophy, and second to indicate the value for the ...
  • Philosophy and Culture 

    Sodipo, J.O (Obafemi Awolowo University Press, 1972-04-25)
    My intention here is to show the relevance of this theoretic concern called philosophy for our cultural and intellectual development. In the course of this main task, I hope to show in what sense the Natural Sciences have ...