The exposure of final year students to health education in the teachers'colleges in Ondo state

Adegboyega, Joseph Afolahan (1985)



This study investigated the level of health knowledge of final year students in Grade Two Teacher Training Colleges in Ondo State. It examined the extent to which sex of the subjects and the type of the training programme they undergo are related to the knowledge. A total of 631 subjects from all the Teacher Training Colleges in Ondo State were sampled for the study. A health knowledge questionnaire was used to collect data for the study. Data collected were analysed using the two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) to test for significant difference. Also used was Scheffe Post-hoc analysis to locate the position of any significant F - ratio. The results of the study showed that the health knowledge of the subjects under study was adequate. Most of the subjects did poorly in the areas of mental health and drug use and abuse. The male subjects were more knowledgeable than the female subjects in family life and sex education, personal health, diseases and disorders and community health. Also, the subjects trained for one-year programme did better than subjects training for two and three-year programmes,respectively. It was therefore recommended that Health Education should start from the elementary schools. This will provide a solid foundation for the would - be teachers. Also, health instruction in the Teachers Colleges should be intensified especially in the areas of mental health and drug use and abuse. However, there is need for further research to investigate the background of health education teachers in Teacher Training; Colleges in Ondo State