That their joy may be full: Adventures in the Surgery of the Newborns and the Young

Sowande, Oludayo Adedapo (2019-10-08)

i-ii, 1-66


Paediatric Surgeons perform surgeries on the newborns including foetuses where facilities for such avails (Neonatal / Foetal Surgery). He treats children who require specialist expertise for congenital anomalies, tumours, trauma and acquired infections. Part of his works includes performing endoscopy and endoscopic surgeries on children. He is an expert in treating urological disorders in children as well as working with adults to treat missed congenital malformations presenting much later. Part of the work of Paediatric Surgeon includes antenatal counselling of parents, working together with the obstetricians, geneticists and other health workers involved in surgical care of children. Our work also requires long term follow up of many diseases treated in childhood up into adolescents and even adulthood (Lloyd D.A. 2002.). Paediatric surgeons have the specialized skills, the added dexterity to operate on the smallest of patients and the ability to communicate cheerfully with children and their parents.