Language: mirror, weapon and shield

Yusuf, Yisa Kehinde (2006-02-14)



I set out on this journey with an interest in Semantics - the study of meaning - with a special interest in ambiguity and vagueness in English usage in the electoral politics of the ' Nigerian Second Republic, 1979-1983. Then the focus of my research broadened to include Pragmatics - the study of haw language is used to achieve specific social goals. Subsequently, I discovered that the language of gender relations was another exciting subset of socio-pragmalinguistics, and that there was a lot which Yoruba which is my mother tongue, could contribute to Western Feminist discourse. I accordingly extended my academic and research interest to 'Women and Language', with special attention paid to the representation of females in proverbs and non-proverbial language and the social consequences of such representation. In other words, my areas of special academic and research interest are Semantics, Pragmatics, and Feminist Linguistics.