Caring, health and longevity

Fajemilehin, Boluwaji Ayokunle Reuben (2009-05-12)



Growth is both quantitative and qualitative characteristic of all living things man inclusive interacting with the environment and socio-cultural changes. The first goal of Healthy people is to increase the span of a healthy life for every being with emphasis on health not just longevity. The second and third goals are to close the gaps in health status and health outcome and achieve access to preventive services for various age sub groups. Man as a bio- socio-cultural entity, relies on his or her cultural influences to moderate and adjust his belie&, values and customs as socially defined. Therefore, it also influences man's entry point into the health care system and determines the uses of such resources for personal health care practices. Care givers (informal or formal) need to be aware of cultural behaviour patterns so as to be able to recognize and understand their clients' biases, behaviours and beliefs so as to achieve effective interaction. Hence, this lecture intends to examine not only the developmental changes. but also the interacting effects of historical changes, health technological advances and the interplay of relationship between one's state of health, changing needs of man and care services as rapid change continues to transform care giving and the health care system.