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  • A Critical Appraisal of the Legal Framework for the Protection of the Environment against Oil and Gas Pollution in Nigeria 

    Emejuru, Chukwucheta ThankGod (2015-08-13)
    This study examined the history, development and legal framework for oil and gas exploration and exploitation. It also analysed the national legislation and international conventions on oil and gas pollution and evaluated ...
  • Legal Implications of Electronic Banking in Nigeria 

    Orifowomo, Odunola Akinwale (2015-05-12)
    This study critically, examined the various components of electronic banking (e-banking) and their impact on the industry. It analysed the legal issues generated by electronic banking in Nigeria, the existing legal and ...
  • A Critical Analysis of Death Penalty in Nigeria 

    Olatunbosun, Ismaila Adeniyi (2015-05-08)
    This study analysed the practice of the death penalty in Nigeria, examined the underlying principle of retributive punishment for the offenders and assessed the administration of death sentence through the mode and manner ...
  • Legal Protection of the Consumer of Genetically Modified Products in Nigeria 

    Fayokun, Kayode Olatunbosun (2015-04-22)
    The study examined the state of the Nigerian law on the protection of consumers of genetically modified products that are now appearing in the world market. It identified the legal issues relating to genetically modified ...
  • Law of Homicide in Nigeria. 

    Owoade, M. Adekunle (Obafemi Awolowo University, 1985)
    The thesis analyses the ramifications of the laws relating to homicide under the Criminal and Penal Codes, and other relevant enactments in Nigeria. Owing to the origin of those Codes, particularly in their relationship ...
  • Duties of Directors and Controlling Shareholders in Relation to Share-Trading. 

    Barnes, Kiser Dave (Obafemi Awolowo University, 1985)
    For nearly a score years the threatened or actual creation, allotment, and issue of company shares by its board of directors have provided the factual background for the leading cases on directors’ fiduciary duty to exercise ...
  • A Critical Analysis of the Stand-By Arrangements of the International Monetary Fund. 

    Ogan, Comban Adrien (Obafemi Awolowo University, 1985)
    The controversy over the suitability or otherwise of IMF economic programmes to underdeveloped countries has been exacerbated by the unprecedented debt problems facing those countries from the 1970s onwards, with the ...