Extrusion parameters impact on cooking qualities of plantain-wheat instant noodle

ADEBAYO, Waliu Adewale ; OGUNSINA, Babatunde Sunday ; TAIWO, Kehinde Adekunbi (2021)

Department of Food Science and Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria.


This study investigated extrusion parameters impact on the cooking qualities of instant noodle produced from plantain-wheat composite flours. The plantain-wheat composite flours were produced using documented procedures and its blends in ratios 0:100; 5:95; 10:90; 15:85; 20:80 and 25:75 were further used for production of instant noodles using a laboratory model rotating screw extruder at different extrusion conditions considering barrel temperature (60-100o C) and screw speed (85-125 rpm). The cooking properties such as optimum cooking time, cooking weight and cooking loss, fat uptake content of the instant noodles were investigated and data obtained were analyzed using Design Expert Software. The results showed that extrusion parameters investigated affected cooking properties of the plantain-wheat instant noodles. Optimum solutions data were provided by optimizing the solution analyzed. Therefore, the data obtained will provide valuable information for industries in process control and design of plantain-wheat instant noodle.